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Tourism in Hungary
Geographic location
Hungary is located in central Europe, in the Carpathian basin, bordered to the north by Slovakia, to the north-east by Ukraine, to the east by Romania, to the south by Serbia and Croatia, to the south-west with Slovenia, to the west with Austria.

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Geographical location
Hungary is located in Central Europe, in the Carpathian Basin. Hungary has borders with Slovakia on the north, with Ukraine on the north -east, with Romania on the east, with Croatia and Yugoslavia on the south, with Slovenia on the southwest and with Austria on the west.

Geographical regions
50 % of the country’s territory is flatland. From a geographical point of view, the country can be divided into 6 regions: Southern Great Plain (Alföld), Small Plain (Kisalföld), Transdanubian range (Dunántúli-középhegység), Transdanubian ridge (Dunántúli – dombság), Northern range. The Great Plain occupies the entire eastern half of the country and the Small Plain lies along the north-west border. A range of mountains of medium height stretches across the country. West of the Danube, the Transdanubian range is 400-700 m high. Visitors to South-western Hungary find a varied landscape. The Northern range rises to heights of 500-1000 meters. Hungary’s highest point is the Kékes (1014 m). The two most important rivers, the Danube (Duna) and the Tisza flow across the country from the north to south. The lake Balaton is not only Hungary’s, but Central Europe’s warmest lake as well. The forests, fields and riverbanks hold many surprises even for hunters, birdwatchers and nature photographers.

The climate is temperate continental: the summer is warm, the winter is cold. The warmest month is July. The average temperature in this month is 21,7 °C. The coldest month is January with an average temperature of -1,2 °C. The annual hours of sunshine are between 1800-2050. The annual rainfall in the middle of the Great Plain is between 500-550 mm, in the mountains of medium height 600-800 mm. The most of the rain is at the end of fall and beginning winter. The less rain is during summer time.


Main data

Area: 93.032 km2
Population: 10.102.000
Time: GMT + 1
Language: Hungarian
Currency: Forint
Religion: catholic, reformed
Form of state: Republic
Capital: Budapest
Counties: 19

M1 Budapest – Hegyeshalom
M15 Levél – Rajka
M2 Budapest – Vác
M3 Budapest – Nyíregyháza
M30 M3-151 Km – Miskolc-Kelet / Felsőzsolca
M35 Görbeháza – Debrecen
M5 Budapest – Röszke
M6 M0-s autóút – Bóly
M60 Bóly – Pécs
M7 Budapest – Letenye
M70 Letenye – Tornyiszentmiklós

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