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Dear Hunter!

It is a pleasure for me to introduce you to the hunting agency NaturExpert, our family-run agency, founded in 2008, starting from our personal experience gained in the hunting world for many years.


In fact, I, Susanna Uhrin, have been involved in hunting organization in Hungary for 21 years, especially for Italian and English-speaking clients,



Our desire and goal is that all customers who choose our agency for their hunting programs in Hungary are fully satisfied with the results achieved and our services offered to them. For this reason we are committed to the maximum availability to understand, even in detail, their expectations in order to formulate solutions and proposals “tailored” to the preferences expressed from time to time. For this reason every solution proposed to our customers is previously checked by us personally on site, for a check of the hunting areas, the competence and courtesy of the support staff and the quality of the hotel accommodation.

There are now many Italian customers who over the years have been able to take advantage of the services offered by the hunting agency NaturExpert and that have remained inextricably linked to it in a mutual trust and collaboration relationship.

Contact us!

Wishing to see you soon among our satisfied customers, in a mutual and lasting relationship of esteem and trust, I send you the most enthusiastic Waidmannsheil for your next hunting adventures and I invite you to visit our website, where you will find a lot of information and various programs hunting.


Susanna Uhrin


Hunting in Spain

Ibex Ronda hunting in Spain Program: Day 1: Arrival in Spain, in Madrid. Meeting at the airport with the local organizer (speaks English), transfer to the hunting area. 2-3 day: hunting the Ibex Ronda 4. day: return Game reserve: located in the Sierra Nevada mountain, not far from Almería. The...

The geese have finally arrived in Hungary!

Their hunting opens on December 1st and closes on January 31st. Take advantage of the opportunity, come with us to do a real hunt for geese! For more information

Susanna Uhrin

Hunting in Hungary


Tourism in Hungary

Geographic location

Hungary is located in central Europe, in the Carpathian Basin, borders on the north with Slovakia, on the north-east with Ukraine, on the east with Romania, on the south with Serbia and Croatia, on the south-west with Slovenia, to the west with Austria.

For several years I have been hunting in Hungary, I started with the Mavad (it was then the only agency available) and then moved on to other private agencies until I reached Naturexpert. Without fear of being wrong, I can define the latter agency as the best one as far as ball hunting is concerned (the only hunting method I practice). Susanna UHRIN, the owner, as well as being a magnificent person, and a Slayer, is extremely serious, friendly, competent, helpful and an excellent organizer. His advice is certainly a success. Deep connoisseur of the Reserves and their gamekeepers. Even the interpreters, who work for her, are great professionals always ready to help the client in communicating with the carers.

Giuseppe, Milano

Serious agency, professional and very attentive to the needs of its customers, able to organize hunting experiences tailored to the person, and is always present at the minimum need during hunting days. It allowed me to experience indelible emotions!

Marco, Vicenza

Hospitality and courtesy of the staff, accommodation in the hunting lodge, natural environment, logistics and competence of the huntsmen, abundance and quality of the game: also this year for me, as usual, everything was ok in every detail according to my expectations. Thanks to her brilliant training as a woman-huntress, Susanna, before offering it to customers, personally checks every hunting program on-site, leaving nothing to improvisation or chance. Susanna has been thinking about her for twenty years now, with her Naturexpert, to carve out every new hunting adventure “to measure”, leaving, as the only variable that cannot be governed … the favors or whims of the “Blessed Goddess”. All the hunter friends to whom I suggested Naturexpert were very satisfied and thanked me for the “straight”. Good luck then, and waidmansheil to all.

Marco, Milano


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